Brittni Echols

Brittni Echols

As a research analyst for Decision Innovation Solutions, Brittni helps develop, manage, and analyze data and solutions to assist clients in making informed and strategic business decisions. Brittni received a bachelor’s degree in International Agricultural Economics from Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. She also earned a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. As a graduate student at Purdue University, Brittni taught an agricultural communications course, worked as a graduate assistant for the Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives, and conducted research with her thesis committee focusing on food insecurity in West Lafayette, Indiana at a local food pantry. Brittni also has previous research experience in international and domestic agribusiness and agricultural economics through internships and graduate research.

Blog posts by this Author:

  • Impacts of the Ongoing Drought Situation in Iowa and across the U.S.

    Compared to recent years, U.S. rainfall data indicate 2021 as one of the driest. A ten-year high for exceptionally dry conditions was achieved in March, April, and May. Furthermore, as of October 26, 2021, 63% of the U.S. was experiencing conditions ranging from abnormally dry to exceptionally dry...

  • Recent Trends in the U.S. & Iowa's Ag Machinery Industry: 2021 Leads with Strong Sales

    Recent trends experienced within the U.S. as a whole and within the state of Iowa go to show the important, and more prominent, role the agricultural machinery industry plays within the wider agricultural industry and economy.

  • What's New in the Scientific Report Released for the New Dietary Guidelines for 2020-2025?

    Every five years since 1980, the USDA updates the dietary guidelines which are primarily used by health professionals and nutritionists for the general public aged two and above. These guidelines inform nutrition programs, health policies, and more. Much of the guidelines have remained the same over the years, such as recommending increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, lean meat, and poultry.

  • A Glimpse of Iowa's Honeybee Industry

    One honeybee only makes 1/12 a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, but the honeybees' products and service as a pollinator are all but minuscule. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating over 90 commercial U.S. crops including almonds.

  • The Sustainability of Wind Energy: A Worldwide Resource

    Wind energy has been harnessed for thousands of years. Early users of wind energy propelled their boats, grinded grain, pumped water and managed bodies of water creatively using wind power. In 1850, Daniel Halladay and John Burnham patented the first commercial windmill and established the first wind engine company in the U.S. How has wind energy harvesting changed since 1850? Today, the main use for wind energy is to generate electricity

  • Got Milk? The State of Dairy in the U.S. and Iowa

    Milk has been a staple beverage in American diets for decades. But has milk consumption changed in recent years? With the help of technology and automation in the dairy industry, U.S. milk production more than doubled since 1930.

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