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posted by Decision Innovation Solutions on Thursday, August 10, 2017

The lack of rain has caused Iowa’s corn crop to continue to decline. As of the August 7th USDA/NASS Crop Progress and Condition Report, Iowa’s corn crop was rated 64% Good/Excellent, 26% Fair, and 10% Poor/Very Poor. 95% of Iowa’s corn crop is currently silking, and 42% is in the dough stage.

Corn conditions graph

Iowa soybeans are rated 59% Good/Excellent, 29% Fair, and 12% Poor/Very Poor. Overall, 89% of the soybeans in the state are blooming and 67% are setting pods, however the southern part of the state is behind the state average with less than 80% blooming and less than 55% setting pods.

Soybean conditions graph

Iowa pasture conditions have deteriorated throughout the summer due to the lack of rainfall. Only 4% is currently rated Excellent, 29% Good, 29% Fair, 23% Poor, and 14% Very Poor.

Pasture conditions graph

Drought Monitor

While much of Iowa is abnormally dry, parts of the state are suffering from moderate to severe drought. The Extreme drought in the Dakotas has taken a toll on their crop conditions. Only 4% of North Dakota’s corn crop is rated Excellent, and only 1% of corn in South Dakota is rated Excellent. North Dakota and South Dakota only have 2% and 3% of their soybean crops rated Excellent, respectively. 

Click here to view an interactive map of crop conditions across the U.S.

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