From College to "Real World" - My internship at Decision Innovation Solutions

posted on Monday, October 2, 2017

This spring I joined the Decision Innovation Solutions team as their marketing/communications intern. I wasn’t 100 percent sure what expect for the day to day workings of an analytical company like DIS, but I was certainly excited to find out!

The day I stepped foot into the office I was able to jump right in and be involved in a variety of projects. Evaluating and creating a redesign plan for the website, to reformatting our biographies, to tracking analytical data from our newsletter, all has really incorporated my skills into my work. DIS has been great “real world” experience.

Learning the social media and marketing strategy of a small business and working to improve it through posts and blog interactions has been so interesting! But I think my favorite part was looking back over the progress over the last couple years!

My experience and understanding of the true importance of agriculture data hadn’t been something I put much thought into before this experience. I am thankful for the type of information I have been able to work with because I have learned so much not only about marketing and communications but about ethanol, biofuels, and SO much more! For that I am grateful for not just the expanse of information but the depth of information I’ve been introduced to at DIS.

This has been such a great transition from college to working a “real” 40 hour a week job. Plus, working with such a detailed and organized team has really inspired me to find a similar company culture in the future.

I would like to thank Decision Innovation Solutions for the opportunity to be their marketing/communications intern throughout the summer and fall. I look forward see what the future brings for DIS and myself!