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posted by Decision Innovation Solutions on Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) slogan is, “Bridging Your Information Research Needs”. What does this mean? There is a common business term, “innovate or die”. At DIS we understand this. Back in 2007, Spence Parkinson started the company with his partner Sterling Liddell, a co-worker at Iowa Farm Bureau. About eighteen months after starting the business, Spence was laid off from his primary job. Instead of simply finding another job, he created one, and since then has created many more. Innovate or Die, right?!

Seeing the need for perceptive, informed, and expert research solutions provided for companies and organizations of all sizes, Spence and Sterling decided that by assembling an experienced and passionate team they could fill this need. With their combined background in agriculture, their proclivity for business, and passion for problem solving and innovation they have created a multi-specialty firm that can resolve critical questions, create value through data analysis, and provide invaluable insight into industry trends.

DIS has a sharp focus on two main areas of decision making:

Knowing how, if, where, and when to make a certain decision, all things considered.
What are current market trends within an industry or locality and what aspects of a strategic plan need to be adjusted to accommodate these trends. 

Additionally, there are often trends within an industry that may not be visible and apparent to those within that industry and others, however, the effects are highly significant and far reaching. In these instances, clear and accurate data analysis and presentation will communicate with precision the gravity of these trends and illuminate unexplored decision paths. Furthermore, through predictive modeling and forecasting unmapped opportunities can be attained or avoided based upon these results. 

Opportunity lies in the hands of those in possession of vital KNOWLEDGE.

Whether the goal is to share the research and analysis for informative purposes to the public, or to use it for an internal knowledge base and strategic planning tool. DIS is the solution to harnessing the knowledge necessary to succeed in increasingly competitive industries through perceptive, informed, and expert research solutions. DIS employs multiple proprietary research methods and tools which provide our clients with unmatched precision and insight into today’s complex global market structures.

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