Iowa Fertilizer Price Trends: November 2018

posted by Decision Innovation Solutions on Friday, November 30, 2018

Iowa fertilizer prices are down significantly from 2012, however fertilizer prices have been on the rise since late 2017. In 2012, urea prices were near $800/ton, but have since declined to $366/ton as of November 2018. Liquid nitrogen 32% has averaged about $344/ton from 2012-2018, but is currently $258/ton. Liquid nitrogen 28% is $200/ton as of November 2018, significantly lower than the average of $318/ton from 2012-2018 and is also lower than the 12-month average ($227/ton).

Iowa Average Price

Anhydrous ammonia prices increased from an average of $375/ton in November of 2017 to averaging $480/ton in November of 2018. When looking at the Price/lb Nitrogen graph, you can see that anhydrous ammonia remains the cheapest price per pound of nitrogen.


Potash (red) is currently at $364/ton as of November 2018 which is slightly higher than the 12-month average ($350/ton). DAP is currently at $505/ton and MAP is at $527/ton as of November 2018.

Iowa Average Dry Fertilizer Price

Propane (LP gas) is currently at $1.24/gallon and average farm diesel fuel prices have been on the rise and are currently $2.63/gallon.

Iowa Average Propane

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