Case Study - Iowa Agricultural Economic Contribution

Ever wondered how many jobs an industry contributes to your local economy? Decision Innovation Solutions produced a 2019 report which quantified the economic contributions of agriculture and other important industries to the state of Iowa and all 99 counties. The report was an update of data provided in a 2009 and 2014 report. As part of the report:

  • DIS developed customized models for each county in Iowa
  • 2017 Census of Agriculture data was used to calibrate IMPLAN (economic impact software) data to ensure accuracy
  • Detailed agriculture and agribusiness classifications were aggregated into crops, livestock and other agriculture 
  • Maps were created to show geographic relationships between the presence and importance of agriculture to a county's economy
  • Charts were generated to illustrate answers to questions such as "What income is attributed to the livestock industry?"

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Jobs from Total Ag

Value Added from Total Ag