Ames - Iowa Reinvestment District Application Projects

Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) was hired by the city of Ames to assist them in preparing an application for funding through the Iowa Reinvestment Act.  DIS managed the application process and provided the required feasibility studies and economic impact study.  The city created an urban renewal area that would have the same boundaries as the Reinvestment District created as part of the application process. Urban Renewal Areas (URA) allow for a city to use a variety of powers and authorities to remove slum areas, blight, and support economic development within the URA. 

Ames Urban Renewal ProjectThe proposed Indoor Aquatics facility is one of a kind for central Iowa due to its support for not just traditional swimming activities but also recreation and wellness activities. The target market for the facility is diverse, ranging from families to individuals of all ages. The Downtown Plaza has an intentional design about creating a space that is an attraction in and of itself during multiple seasons. It will not be just open space or public space that is often unused on a day-to-day basis. The combination of features for summer and winter activities appeals to multiple ages and supports the idea of going out of your way to make a trip to Downtown because it is something unique and special. These induced trips will contribute to the economic vitality of the area.  

The Lincoln Way Redevelopment Projects Phase 1 and Phase 2 are impactful to the City’s economic development goals for Lincoln Way and Downtown as a catalyst project that integrates with the vision for the area and creates an attractive destination in and of itself. The combination of full-service hotel, convention space, and its focus on destination dining strongly contributes uniqueness of this proposed District. Check out the full report here