Iowa Reinvestment District Program- Newton

The City of Newton is establishing a new identity and has worked on an economic recovery through a housing crisis, natural disasters, a pandemic and recent layoff. Newton has focused its efforts on the theme of “Reinvention through Rehabilitation”, acknowledging the significant role that historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects have in the City’s economic recovery plan. Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) was hired to conduct an independent economic study for both local and state areas as well as the feasibility of each project.

Some of the projects in the “Reinvention Through Rehabilitation” include:

  • Affordable apartments
  • Boutique hotel and lobby
  • Legacy green space and commons
  • Historic downtown improvements
  • Many more projects that will undoubtedly benefit the immediate neighborhood and the city.

City of Newton redevelopment plan.

The projects included in the Newton Legacy Reinvestment District advance that concept by adding amenities to make Newton a community that is competitive in attracting visitors and new residents, as well as retaining current residents. The projects elevate the historic central business district and the former Maytag Headquarters campus by establishing an intentional connection between the two historic places. It blends recreation with commerce, education with economic development, and urban form with culture and entertainment.

The final Application can be reviewed here.