Increased Biodiesel Use in Missouri

This project evaluates the impacts of a new fuel standard policy in Missouri in comparison with current situation. The project evaluates these impacts from different interrelated perspectives: 

  • Diesel and biodiesel consumption in the state 
  • Missouri out-of-state biodiesel shipments 
  • Biodiesel production 
  • Soybeans and soybean oil usage 
  • Number of processors 
  • Number of Missouri biodiesel producers 
  • Impact on current biodiesel and soybean oil production capacity  

Under the new biodiesel fuel policy, the industry is expected to grow, hence, the corresponding additional economic activity from increased production of soybean, processing of soybean, and the construction of a new plant is estimated.  

In addition to evaluating these core components, this project includes a Dynamic Flow Analysis (DFA) for biodiesel in Missouri. The DFA models the flow of biodiesel from soy-based biodiesel production facilities in Missouri and selected abutting states. Moreover, assuming the fuel standard policy will take place, the transportation cost impact is determined and the benefits to animal agriculture are discussed.   

View the full report here: Increased Biodiesel Use in Missouri

Increased Biodiesel Use in Missouri

B20 Diesel Fuel Standard