Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

Understand Impacts of Public Policies

Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) helps you understand how public policy impacts the dynamics of an industry, organization, political candidate or party and the potential risks or benefits of changing policy directions.

Federal, state and local governments have an impact on organizations and businesses. Some policies are beneficial while others can inhibit the ability to remain viable. DIS can determine the impact a policy has on an organization through a variety of approaches that provide stakeholders with all relevant information for developing, analyzing or suggesting changes to existing policies.

Voter Database Analysis

A subset of policy analysis, Voter Database Analysis utilizes voter databases commonly available in federal, state and local jurisdictions to allow clients to better influence voters' election day decisions. Using historical voting events, we assign likely voting scores to each voter based upon several variables. This allows our clients to reach out to specific sets of voters so your dollars are spent in a more targeted, efficient way.

Membership Analysis

Using client-populated membership databases, DIS can provide custom randomized lists for conducting member surveys and mailings. By providing random survey lists, membership organizations increase their ability to accurately gauge their effectiveness in serving members. And, depending on the structure and degree of information maintained on members, other possibilities may exist to better leverage your investment in expensive databases.