Research Staff

Spencer Parkinson Spencer Parkinson Executive Director LinkedIN

As Executive Director and Co-Founder of Decision Innovation

Solutions (DIS), Spencer is responsible for business generation,
fulfillment, ensuring client satisfaction and managing the overall
operations of the business. He seeks to understand clients’ data
 challenges, propose potential solutions and work with clients
 to enhance their decision-making processes...

Merlin Siefken Merlin Siefken Business Development Manager LinkedIn

Merlin contracts with Decision Innovation Solutions to provide
 Business Development services. He is responsible for
maintaining and enhancing business relationships, conducting
research of new product lines and service offerings, collaborating
with the Decision Innovation Solutions team on project
development and fulfillment, administration and identifying
prospective customers...

Sampath Jayasinghe Sampath Jayasinghe Senior Research Analyst linkedin

As Senior Research Analyst, Sampath is responsible
 for understanding clients’ data challenges, proposing
 potential solutions and working with clients to implement
 the appropriate research instrument to aid their decision-
making processes...

Patricia S. Patricia Batres-Marquez Senior Research Analyst linkedin

As a Senior Research Analyst for Decision Innovation Solutions,
Patricia is responsible for conducting economic data analysis
 and modeling to evaluate agricultural policies relevant to clients
to make informed decisions. Using her research expertise in the
analysis of agricultural economic policies and agricultural trade,
she provides economic insight applying appropriate methodologies
to address clients’ needs...

Michelle Mensing Michelle Mensing Research Analyst II Linkedin

As a Research Analyst for Decision Innovation Solutions,
Michelle is responsible for analyzing economic,
agricultural, business, financial and geographic data to
assist clients in making better strategic business decisions. 
Michelle partners with clients to analyze both current and
proposed policy, assess implications for a variety of
industries, as well as conducting economic contribution
studies to demonstrate the impact of a business or
industry on the economy...

 Jing Tang Decision Innovation Solutions Jing Tang Statistician linkedin

As a Statistician for Decision Innovation Solutions, Jing Tang is responsible for analyzing agricultural data to help clients to make better strategic business decisions, and to assist coworkers improve model prediction and model estimation preference...

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Rachel Sonnabend Marketing-Communications Intern LI

As an Intern at Decision Innovation Solutions, Rachel Sonnabend is responsible for implementing our social media strategy, as well as managing the DIS blog and web content to better communicate with our clients...

When making decisions, information is critical. We bridge the decision-making process by adding our economic and agribusiness insight to gather the right information.