January 2020 Cattle on Feed

posted by Decision Innovation Solutions on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

According to the January 2020 USDA Cattle on Feed Report, the total inventory of U.S. cattle on feed in 1,000+ capacity feedlots was almost 12 million head, up 2% from the previous year. The top five leading states for cattle on feed include: 

  • Texas: 2.96 million head 
  • Nebraska: 2.46 million head 
  • Kansas: 2.42 million head 
  • Colorado: 1.09 million head 
  • Iowa: 670,000 head 

The State of Iowa saw a 3% decline from the previous month, while Texas and Oklahoma increased their COF inventories 1% and 2%, respectively. Compared to a year ago, Iowa remained down about 3% (20,000 head). Nebraska, Minnesota and Arizona also saw declines, while many other states increased inventory. Texas and Colorado both saw an 8% increase over the previous year, accounting for increases of 30,000 and 10,000 head, respectively.  

Total U.S. December 2019 placements in feedlots were up 3% from December 2018, while marketings in December 2019 were 5% higher than December 2018.  

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