Missouri Commodity Flow and Infrastructure Study

This study of intrastate and interstate commodity flows and the associated infrastructure was commissioned by the Missouri Soybean Association and Missouri Corn Growers Association. For an industry to first achieve and then maintain competitiveness relative to other competing locations, transportation infrastructure must be continually addressed. As infrastructure deteriorates, moving products to market becomes less efficient, both in terms of time and cost. The purpose of this research effort was to: 1) understand the current infrastructure situation as it relates to moving farm commodities to market; 2) provide context to objectively assess the current status of the infrastructure; and 3) identify ways to improve the flow of farm commodities to market. The research also included a cost-benefit analysis discussing the impact of deteriorating bridges in an area important to the movement of large amounts of soybeans to two major processing plants and a summarization of some results by federal congressional district.

View the full report here: Missouri Commodity Flow & Infrastructure Study

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The full study can also be found here: https://mosoy.org/check-off-at-work/business-development/