Do you have the right tools?

posted by Spencer Parkinson on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I LOVE vacuums! You see, I just passed my five-year anniversary with the company and was surprised to find out that I could pick an anniversary gift as an appreciation for my five years of service. What did I pick? A vacuum. No, not the ones you clean your floors with, although I'm quite handy with those, too “ just ask my wife and kids. The type of vacuum I really like are the ones hooked to a sander.

As some who know me are aware, I thoroughly enjoy working with wood and have made more than my share of beds for kids and currently have a "to-do" list a mile long. But as much as I love working with wood, the most dreadful part of building furniture is sanding because it can take forever, and ever, and ever, and ever that and the fact that I religiously wear a dust mask to keep the dust out of my lungs so I can take my family backpacking. Those masks are sure hot and hard to breathe in. BUT, the great thing about my new vacuum and sander is that I no longer have to wear a dust mask to do my sanding because it removes essentially all of the dust as it sands “ some even say I could sand at the dinner table and not have ANY dust. Talk about multi-tasking!

So why would I take time out of you day to talk about a vacuum? How does this relate to our jobs and responsibilities? Here's how: when we have the right tools for the job, our job becomes much more than a job “ it becomes something we look forward to jumping into our Monday morning shoes (or boots!) for. We routinely look for new and innovative ways for tackling our responsibilities. We look for ways to synergize with our fellow team members, and perhaps most importantly, we can give our best to ourselves, our team, and the company.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have all the right tools at the ready, nor does it make sense to buy every tool there is (assuming an unlimited budget of course!), although I've learned my wife can have a "squishy" threshold for justifying a nice new tool if she likes it too. Sometimes it does make sense to borrow someone else's "tools" (expertise in this case). That's what our company specializes in “ lending our high quality "tools" to help you in your daily work “ check out our website for some ideas on how we could work together.

So from here on, make a commitment to ensure you're not "sanding without a vacuum" and ask for the right tools for your job “ trust me, no dust makes it much easier to see what you're doing! Oh, and to set the record straight, I do not sell vacuums in my spare time.


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