Spencer Parkinson

Spencer Parkinson

As Executive Director of Decision Innovation Solutions, Spencer Parkinson is responsible for business generation, ensuring client satisfaction and managing the overall operations of the business. He also seeks to understand clients’ data challenges, propose potential solutions and works with clients to enhance their decision-making processes.Originally from the southeastern Idaho/northern Utah corridor, Spence relocated to the Des Moines, Iowa area in 2005 when he began working as a Research Analyst for the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Areas of research at Farm Bureau included agricultural policy analysis and economic modeling related to several industries important to Iowa agriculture. Spence also instructed QuickBooks classes to farmers while working as a Research Assistant for Utah State University Extension. Spence has extensive hands-on agriculture experience, including 12 years working on a Utah dairy farm. Spence earned a dual BS degree in Accounting and Economics from Utah State University. He also earned an International MBA in Food and Agribusiness from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England.

Blog posts by this Author:

  • Looking Back on 2018

    With the upcoming close of a successful 2018, we recognize that we are undoubtedly blessed as we prepare to look back at the many great things that happened here at Decision Innovation Solutions this past year.

  • What Goes into Animal Feed Leads to Multiple Projects

    What began as a single project for a national commodity organization has now officially blossomed into four repeats of that project along with many others which have spun off that original project in 2014.

  • DIS PV Scores: The Right People, The Right Outreach, The Right Time

    A key tool we've found useful in helping our clients get the biggest “bang” for their outreach “buck” has been the calculation of a “propensity to vote” (PV) score.

  • DIS 10 Year Anniversary

    What can happen in ten years? Well, from personal experience, a family can move to Iowa from a place that has things called mountains with one child and have five by the time the decade's up. They could visit the Iowa State Fair ten, faithful times and come to respect the power of thunderstorms and the amount of water that can come from the sky. They could also learn that fireflies are indeed real and that agriculture is awesome everywhere.

  • Multi-Year Average Loss Ratios for Iowa County Crop Insurance

    We recently put together a brief article on the actuarial performance of corn and soybean crop insurance premiums in Iowa from 2001-2015. This article was patterned after work done by Carl Zulauf and Gary Schnitkey from Farmdoc Daily in Illinois.

  • Actuarial Performance of Crop Insurance Premiums

    Carl Zulauf and Gary Schnitkey recently published a brief research paper in Farmdoc Daily (FDD) in which they studied the loss ratio of all major insured crops and then individually for each of the four crops. These crops included corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat. Given the national variability in weather, crop insurance purchase patterns (plan, coverage level, etc.) the application of the analysis to Iowa makes sense. This analysis follows.

  • Agriculture and Forestry – What's it to Missouri?

    Our reason for going to the conference was to report on the contribution of agriculture and forestry to the State of Missouri and each of its counties and federal congressional districts. The presentation I was able to give to the attendees was the culmination of about three months of pleasurable work in which we used many analytical tools...

  • Grain, Sheep, Feed, Milk, Camping Equipment, Muscles and... Data?

    Data collection in agriculture has long been a mindset that allows for continuous improvement. With so much data being created on a continuous basis, the thoughts of analyzing that data can be daunting. Thankfully, though, the sophistication of data analytics has kept pace with the rate of increasing data creation and management. Enormous strides in computing and software capacities have taken place at an increasing rate that make it much simpler to take vast amounts of dairy data...

  • 40% Lower Milk Prices: As Usual, the Data Have a Story to Tell

    In an earlier post, I provided readers some background on who I am, where I grew up, and how a Mountain West farm kid made his way to the Midwest. As I wrote previously, I had the pleasure of working with the Gittins family on their diversified dairy farm in Smithfield, UT during my middle school, high school, and college years. The experiences I had there have in many respects guided my direction since.

  • DIS Assumes Authorship of ISU/AgMRC's Renewable Fuels Newsletter

    Many of our blog readers and social media followers are likely aware of the Renewable Fuels monthly newsletter, which has been produced since 2008. As long-time readers will remember, Don Hofstrand and Dr. Bob Wisner (Iowa State University) have been instrumental in providing analysis and commentary related to the renewable fuels industry through this valuable newsletter.

  • Reflections and a Hearty Welcome to Jing!

    Have you ever had too much to handle with your current resources? I have – in more ways than one, but trust me, when it comes to managing a growing economic research firm, it's a great challenge to have and certainly not something to dread.

  • The Connection Between Cats, Dogs, and Minivans

    Did you know that the average cat eats about 0.8 lbs of soybean meal a year? The average dog? They're a different story – they eat about 4.98 lbs of soybean meal a year. Okay, we can all go home now, now that we know this life...

  • Avian Influenza Outbreak Subsides, but Economic Losses Continue

    Since the beginning of 2015, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has resulted in the loss of more than thirty-eight million layers and pullets in the U.S. from infection or depopulation due to exposure to the virus. Layer operations affected by HPAI are in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin,...

  • Telling the Story of Agriculture through Data Analysis

    At Decision Innovation Solutions, we utilize the best tools in the market to help our clients make better informed decisions. We help our clients tell the "Story of Agriculture" in their counties, congressional districts, and states (see results here). You can also view a short video of...

  • Do you have the right tools?

    I LOVE vacuums! You see, I just passed my five-year anniversary with the company and was surprised to find out that I could pick an anniversary gift as an appreciation for my five years of service. What did I pick? A vacuum. No, not the ones you...

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