Michael J. Doherty

Michael J. Doherty

Mike is our Consulting Business Development Manager here at DIS. As a consulting Business Development Manager for DIS Mike is responsible for developing relationships with current and prospective clients, proposal writing, closing contracts, post project follow-up, and monitoring Requests for Proposals (RFPs). 

Blog posts by this Author:

  • DIS Increases its Role in Economic Development

    A lot of people know that Decision Innovation Solutions is an economic analytics firm based in Des Moines with expertise in ag-related economics and agribusiness analysis. What is less well-known is the expertise DIS has gained in broader economic development projects for municipalities.

  • The USDA Continues to Compile 2022 Census of Ag. & DIS awaits the Results in 2024

    The USDA is continuing to compile the 2022 Census of Ag. that is set to release in the year of 2024. DIS is ready to take action and patiently awaits the results.

  • Value-Added Producer Grants Program Gets a¬†Boost

    Decision Innovation Solutions has recently been listed as a Value-Added Agriculture Consultants and Service Providers. Read the article below to learn more on VAPG.

  • DIS Talks with Top Experts at Legendary National Events

    Michael J. Doherty has been a great asset to DIS in his first month. Mike has been traveling to multiple conventions to help grow DIS. DIS participation in these national events updates staff with the latest perspectives by agri-industries and policy leaders, as well as expanding the DIS network of technical experts.

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