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  • Newsletter - June 2021

    This month we introduce our new research analyst, talk about Iowa's Ethanol Goss production margin, the CRP, trends in Iowa's ag machinery industry, and how our dynamic flow analysis methodology is used.

  • Newsletter - May 2021

    This month we introduce our new intern, talk about Oregon's Clean Fuels Program, corn forecasts, emissions and ag, our work with AgriGrowth, and how our dynamic risk-based modeling is used.

  • Holly's Internship with DIS so Far...

    It is hard to believe that I have been a member of the DIS team for nearly four months now! A lot has changed since the beginning of the spring semester when I started my internship, but I am grateful to be able to continue my work and research remotely for the time being.

  • January 2020 Cattle on Feed

    According to the January 2020 USDA Cattle on Feed Report, the total inventory of U.S. cattle on feed in 1,000+ capacity feedlots was almost 12 million head, up 2% from the previous year.

  • 2018 ARC/PLC Payments

    2018 ARC and PLC payments were issued in early October. Very few Iowa counties received any ARC-CO payments again this year. Final 2018/19 MYA prices were $3.61 for corn and $8.48 for soybeans, which resulted in a final 2018 PLC payment rate of $0.09 for corn but $0 for soybeans.

  • 2019 Fall Rainfall Records

    According to the October 28th USDA Crop Progress report, Iowa still only had 26% of corn harvested and 66% of soybeans, which are both well behind the 5-year averages of 53% and 80%, respectively. Last year was an exceptionally wet fall with many rainfall records in September and October across Iowa, but this year has been another extremely wet fall which is causing harvest delays.

  • How Much Can we Plant in a Week? Historical Planting Progress (1990-2018)

    Spring weather conditions often allow only a small window with ideal planting conditions, but when that window is open, Iowa farmers respond.

  • Iowa Fertilizer Price Trends: November 2018

    Iowa fertilizer prices are down significantly from 2012, however fertilizer prices have been on the rise since late 2017. In 2012, urea prices were near $800/ton, but have since declined to $366/ton as of November 2018. Liquid nitrogen 32% has averaged about $344/ton from 2012-2018, but is currently $258/ton.

  • Fall Rainfall Records

    We are now a little over halfway through October and Iowa corn harvest progress is only at 17% and soybean harvest progress is 19% complete, which are both behind the 5-year averages of 24% and 51%, respectively. Many are wondering, how does this fall rainfall compare to other years?

  • Final 2017 ARC-CO Payments

    2017 ARC-CO payments were issued by USDA's Farm Service Agency on October 4, 2018. As shown on the maps below, Iowa counties received final payment rates ranging from $6.48 to $64.39 per acre for corn and $0.42 to $49.96 per acre for soybeans.

  • Historical Harvest Progress – How much can we harvest in a week?

    In Iowa, the two largest weeks for harvest progress were in 1993 and 2013, when 30% of Iowa's corn crop was harvested in one week. Since 1990, every year has had a week where at least 15% of the Iowa corn crop was harvested, and 23 out of those 28 years have had a week with 20% or more harvested in one week's worth of time.

  • July 2018 Crop Conditions Update

    According to the July 30th USDA/NASS Iowa Crop Progress & Condition report, the Iowa corn crop is rated 78% Good/Excellent, 16% Fair, and 6% Poor/Very Poor. 96% of the Iowa corn crop is currently silking, and 31% has hit the dough stage.

  • Corn Profitability

    Corn has been grown across Iowa for more than 150 years, more than 30,000 kernels are planted per acre, and state-average corn yields can be close to 200 bushels per acre in a good year and near 300 bushels per acres on high CSR land. Additionally, what used to take days to plant can now be done in minutes

  • Pork Price Expectations: 2018 and 2019

    Expectation for losses in the hog industry were estimated to be more than $25 per head by the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, in the report from the University of Illinois. Additionally, profit per head in 2017 was, on average, $4 per head, the expectation for 2018 is that number falling to losses of $11 per head, and then further to $14 per head in 2019. With trade deals in flux, and with the export market representing more than 20 percent of US pork production any major cha

  • Iowa Farm Bankruptcy Trends

    From 2001-2017, Iowa averaged about eight Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings per year. In 2017, that number rose to a record high during this time frame of 18 filed. As you can see below, the U.S. and Iowa trends in Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings follow a very similar pattern, with both seeing spikes around 2003 and 2010. 2013 and 2014 bankruptcies were lower for both the U.S. and Iowa, however both have seen much higher bankruptcy filing numbers the past three years likely due to declining cash recei

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