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  • Corn Profitability

    Corn has been grown across Iowa for more than 150 years, more than 30,000 kernels are planted per acre, and state-average corn yields can be close to 200 bushels per acre in a good year and near 300 bushels per acres on high CSR land. Additionally, what used to take days to plant can now be done in minutes

  • Pork Price Expectations: 2018 and 2019

    Expectation for losses in the hog industry were estimated to be more than $25 per head by the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, in the report from the University of Illinois. Additionally, profit per head in 2017 was, on average, $4 per head, the expectation for 2018 is that number falling to losses of $11 per head, and then further to $14 per head in 2019. With trade deals in flux, and with the export market representing more than 20 percent of US pork production any major cha

  • Steel, Aluminum, Pork, Soybeans and Tariffs

    There has been a lot of talk on tariffs during the month of March, however, the specifics of what has been happening is still unfolding. The goal of this article is to shed light on how these decisions have been unfolding.

  • An Overview of the Conservation Reserve Program

    The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) began in 1985 as part of the Food Security Act. It is a voluntary program that provides the opportunity for agricultural producers to contract their land into conservation protection for a specified time and at a compensation rate that is fixed for the period of the contract at the time of enrollment.

  • Why Does Agriculture Rely So Much on Trade?

    The United States has competitive advantage in crop and animal production over many other locations around the planet starting from the soil under our feet. However, in some cases other countries are able to produce ag-commodities more efficiently than the U.S. Therefore, sharing in the world food production burden is made possible with trade.

  • Free Trade Agreements on the Chopping Block Yet Again: South Korea

    Recently the Trump Administration has begun to discuss and prepare to withdrawal from the Free Trade Agreement the U.S. has with South Korea. With many of the trade agreements now coming to the forefront of U.S. trade, it is important to understand the role that these countries play in supporting our agricultural production both in Iowa and across the U.S.

  • Agricultural Productivity Growth Through Research

    Agriculture research has driven major increases in input/output margins since the late 1940's. These increases have been clear to many farmers strictly looking at crop yields and revenue statements. However, it is economic data that provides quantifiable evidence of the value of scientific and technological advancements in agriculture.

  • Time series data analysis: A case of nitrate concentration in the Raccoon River in Iowa (1980-2016)

    The water quality trend is correlated with many factors, such as weather conditions, land use, and government policy. In this article, we examined nitrate concentration levels (mg/l) in the Raccoon River in Iowa from 1980 to 2015. We wanted to find out the trend in nitrate concentration in the river and the factors driving the variation of nitrate concentrations. Recent water quality literature pointed out precipitation, baseflow, and soybean cultivation have a strong influence on nitrate concen

  • AGRI-TOURISM: Data Insight

    A year ago I found a farm that was participating in a worldwide cooperative organic farming program. I worked and stayed on the farm for nearly a week where I would assist on all the farm activities, managing irrigation, manure application, as well as watering and feeding animals. In return, the farm provided a place to stay and farm fresh food to eat, all provided free of charge (other than my labor).

  • Getting to Know Decision Innovation Solutions

    The Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) slogan is, “Bridging Your Information Research Needs”. What does this mean? There is a common business term, “innovate or die”. At DIS we understand this. Back in 2007, Spence Parkinson started the company with his partner Sterling Liddell, a co-worker at Iowa Farm Bureau.

  • The U.S. Withdraws from TPP: What are the effects on Iowa's Agriculture?

    Most trade agreements are of benefit to agriculture commodity exports, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement was no different. More access to markets previously not available due to high trade restrictions can be beneficial to parties interested in the international commodity markets.

  • Top 3 Ways My Ag Internship Relates to Real Life

    This past summer in-between semesters at Iowa State, I spent my time working as an intern with Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). Having an internship is a requirement for my major of Agriculture Communications and I was lucky enough to land an internship as the company's Agriculture Communications Intern for 2016.

  • Correlation or Causation?

    I recently had a discussion with an individual about what drives the prices of commodities, which was a good discussion, but it helped remind me about why I enjoy and get frustrated with economics and correlations. It also reminded me of the importance of asking better questions,...

  • Is it Time for an Economic Development Refocus?

    I have the pleasure of traveling around the state speaking to economic development groups. Often times the discussion is about how to attract jobs to a particular region. On a recent trip though the discussion was different, it turned to how to attract people to the region...

  • Dynamic Risk-Based Modeling in Action

    One of our most loyal customers, Feed Energy Company, was recently honored as the runner-up for the Information Technology Innovation Award for their use of one of our custom decision-making tools. The "Nth Load" model is a computational, Dynamic Risk-Based Modelingâ„¢ tool that objectively analyzes large data sets to provide...

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